Introducing ADF ‘Slimline Grates’ – For Architecturally Pleasing Feature Drainage.
Manufacturers and Suppliers of Longitudinal Grating in:

“With a grate to suit every application”

Bathrooms / Balconies / Entertainment Areas / Pool Surrounds / Driveways
Main Entrances / Public Walkways / Schools / Aged Care & Disabled Facilities

There’s a Grate to suit every load tolerance.

Longitudinal Slimline Grating transforms drainage grates into a feature to compliment surroundings, rather than a camouflaged eye-sore.
Continuous Slimline Grating creates an eye-catching feature to any location, allowing for a single direction ground fall to encourage water-flow, making their usage ideally suited to large tile or paved perimeter applications.
Not only is the cosmetic attractiveness apparent, but the safety issue is also addressed, with 5mm openings reducing the risk of the trapping of high heeled shoes, wheelchair and bicycle wheels being caught and with the sleek, flush finish eliminating tripping hazards.
Their inclusion creates a sleek, architectural appearance with a non-obtrusive effect.

And best of all, our products are wholly manufactured within Australia, ensuring time efficiency and quality control.

“Quality Products for Quality Projects”

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