Stainless Steel

Available in Grades 304 & Marine 316 - Polished Finish

STAINLESS STEEL - 3mm Longitudinal Slimline

(Barefoot Tread Comfort/Pedestrian Safety/Heel-proof/ Bicycle & Wheelchair Safe / Light Motor Vehicle Accessible)


Grates with Preformed Trenches

Grates may be complete with preformed trenches to eliminate costly onsite labour.
May be supplied in standard widths or with customized width and depth as required.
Available in any length with lip joiners for easy onsite connection of lengths impractical for transport or access.
Grates and Trenches may have a flush finish at ground level or trenches may be supplied complete with perimeter flashing to suit their location.
With predrilled stainless outlet spigots to underside of trenching as a snug inserted sleeve to PVC, which are located as required.
All Trenches have a central indentation along the base of the trench to encourage water flow.

Grates & Trenches with perimeter flashing

Where trenching is supplied with floor flashing, a 10mm height variation exists to allow for the thickness of the floor tile, resulting in a flush finish of flooring to grate.
Preformed trenches may also be supplied with wall flashings where grates are positioned against walls.
A recessed setback allows for the clearance of wall tiles without overhang of tile to the grate, thus not effecting grate removal.

Grates with Recessed Trenches

Preformed Trenches may supplied with top lip recesses.
This option is ideal for applications requiring additional depth to the trench for a greater capacity of water catchment.

Grates with Angle Frames

Grates may be supplied with Angle Frames which form a suitable width, depth and recess for grates to be dropped into.
This requires the Angle Frames to be positioned prior to the trench or pit being formed by concrete or other materials.
Frames may be complete with extended tabs for embedding or fixing into surround.

Custom Grating for Heavy Duty Applications

Stainless Steel grates are also available with 6mm, 8mm and 10mm Longitudinal members.
These variations add to the load tolerance of the grating for specific applications such as – Heavy Vehicle Access, Forklift and Trolley Traffic etc.
All requirements should be specified at time of enquiry for appropriate product to be used.
Eg : 6mm & 8mm Longitudinal cater for Pedestrian Safety, Bicycle & Wheelchair Access whilst also allowing for moderate traffic by Forklifts & Trolleys.
10mm Longitudinal caters for Bicycle & Wheelchair Access and heavy traffic by Forklifts & Trolleys.

Note: Outlet spigots located in Trenches and Troughs may also be fit with Perforated Strainers to eliminate waste entry in compliance with location requirements.
Primary and/or secondary strainers are available. (see accessories page for details)

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